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PhoneThrone News

Now Available at

2019 - October 1st

Our Amazon store is now open! 


For the fastest shipping to anywhere in the United States, order your PhoneThrone from Amazon

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1st Release - In Stock Now!

2019 - August 23rd

The first PhoneThrone production run has arrived at our HQ.  We are working on the website and marketing plans to get this in front of you and your friends!  

Order today to be one of the first people ever to own the PhoneThrone by VoteMatrix

Every purchase helps fund the VoteMatrix Project


First Production Run Available Soon

2019 - August 1st

The first PhoneThrone production run has shipped and will arrive soon at our HQ.

The PhoneThrone product is developed using state-of-the-art solid aluminum CNC machining, steel springs/pins, and powerful neodymium magnets.

The initial production run is extremely limited in quantity and supply will run out quickly.  Pre-orders will be available for the next production run at that time.

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