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PhoneThrone - New Year's Raffle Entry

If you received a raffle ticket, you must register it here before 1/2/2020.  One person will receive a free PhoneThrone at the end of the raffle for every 100 persons registered to enter. 1 in 100 are guaranteed to win.

You will be notified via email if you are the winner.  The winner will be randomly selected on 1/2/20.  By filling out this form, you agree to allow your name to be published on this site if you are the winner. 


If you are a minor, you need a parent to agree to publish your first initial and last name or first name and last initial in order to receive the prize.  Your birthday is required above to determine minor status.

VoteMatrix employees and relatives are not eligible.

One entry per person.  Requires a raffle ticket only available from PhoneThrone by VoteMatrix representatives. 


No purchase necessary. You may contact us to receive a free raffle ticket using the Contact Form or by emailing

Prior Drawing Winners

2019 Nov. 4th - Trick-Or-Treat Raffle winner is: Name Pending Parental Approval - Ticket 339-061-828

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